Clinical Work

As a periodontist and implantologist I enjoy to help my patients to feel confident again. As a lecturer, I want to share my knowledge and ability to treat every patient as an individual.

Clinical Case

Below you can find examples of clinical cases that I have carried out.
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Case study #1

A 50-year-old female was referred by her dentist because of the presence of a deep periodontal pocket on the distal area of tooth 11.

The presence of the pocket created a retraction of the gums and the patient wasn’t happy anymore with the aesthetics of her smile. 

After decontaminating the area (deep scaling and root planing) we decided to perform a crown lengthening procedure of the anterior teeth. After 3 months of healing the rehabilitation with crowns was started.

One month later the crowns were cemented definitively and our patient felt confident again to smile.

Case study #2

A young female patient, 30 years old, presents multiple recessions in the upper jaw. These recessions are a consequence of a trauma caused by her brushing technique.

We performed a surgery using a connective tissue graft from the palate to cover the exposed root surfaces.

The final result shows complete and successful root coverage. The patient is very satisfied with what could be achieved. Apart from the surgery it was of utmost importance to teach the patient how to brush correctly to avoid a relapse. 

Case study #3

A 28-year-old patient came to our dental clinic due to an important clenching problem. Extensive tooth loss and sensitivity of his teeth was the consequence. He told us he experienced difficulty while chewing and wished to have a nice smile again.

Re-designing the contour at gum and bone level (crown lengthening procedure) and looking for a correct vertical dimension, we were able to improve in a satisfactory way his chewing capacity and smile.